About Us

Our kilim rugs are handmade in small villages along the Nile Delta in Egypt. Each rug is made of 100% wool and handwoven on a loom by highly skilled artisans. Each kilim represents some ancient Egyptian motives, folk art and symbolic geometric forms. We believe that our rugs are a great alternative to popular and more expensive Turkish or Persian carpets.       
Wael, the founder of Sphinx Rugs, was born and raised in Egypt. He then traveled throughout Europe and North America. As an architect Wael has a keen eye for design. Coming from a country with deep rooted history and traditions, Wael is eager to share it with others. His passion for arts and crafts was translated into Sphinx Rugs and other Eastern culture related projects. 

Kilims are pileless flat-woven rugs made primarily from wool and produced in parts of the Middle East and neighboring regions. Kilim traditional weaving technique was passed down from generations since ancient times. It is not only a handmade floor covering, it is an art which brings beauty to your home. Kilim rugs are the perfect statement piece for any room, they can brighten up a dull room, instantly soften a space or add a little boho to your home. They are pile free which makes them perfect for a high foot traffic space.